Weather day at Camp 7

At Camp 5, Einar and the team had done 90 km in total and gained around 850 vertical meters. After a bit of a disappointing day, a much better one followed.

“Yesterday [the 29th] was a good day. We where on the move for 7and half hour. Weather started to improve and so did terrain. We still have sections of sastrugis and the day ended with a sastrugi area. We made 22 km. Camp 6 at S80° 41′ 982 and W 80°27’540. We still could see Ellesworth mountains and the three sails to the north.“

a07ae994-5931-4082-aa33-a73729ca5b91-1451239750At camp 6

30th of November was a bit colder day than before, -17°C and 12 knots wind. “We had a good deal of sastrugis and a lot of this famous sandpaper snow. We moved for 7hours and did 20,6 km. Camp7 a.t 80°53’040 S and 80°26’878 W. We still see the Ellesworth and for a while we saw two peaks in the East.”

c7113700-2848-4d2f-8343-38399867b5b7729732670A selfie from Einar Torfi 

Yesterday morning the wind was even stronger, about 20 knots and a lot of spindrift. “We have decided to have a storm/rest day and gather strength for the week it will take us to push to our first cache. We used the opportunity to screw the skins under our skis, read, listen to music and tend to other similar things. Every one is fine.”

ed5e86c4-232c-4ad5-8309-0499dfeb5118-615196700Waiting time was used to screw the skins on the skis

It´s great we are getting a steady flow of information from Einar about the teams progress. In general things are going well and the rest day will for sure just do them good.

– bh