Celebrating 200 K’s

When things are going well, it´s time to celebrate. Here is a fresh email from, Einar:

“Hi. Last two days we have advanced well. Over 23 km each day. Today we also gained 80 m altitude after having lost a total of 60 m in last 3 days. Tonight we toasted in whisky for having done 200km. And of course we listened to music on Tims ipad during dinner. We are now at 218 km and 3 days from our first cache.

Weather has been sunny and sastrugis are not to big, but always there. Temperature is fairly warm now at -9°C which is much easier than the -17°C we had a few days ago. We still walk with masks and that protects the face from sun burns. Camp 10 81°29’617 S 80°22’681 W and camp 11 81°42’361 S 80°29’882 W

Best regards,

– bh