Crevasse in the kitchen

Few days ago, a solo kiter was coming towards our team. They were hoping to meet him but they went past each other without meeting. But there was another team of three that was also coming their way and now they just met them.

The progress has been really good lately and it looks like Einar’s plans will hold.

“Yesterday [4th of January] was a big day. We skied 29 km to get all the way to our cache in one day. The weather was great, sunny and breeze from southeast. We hat quite a bit of big sastrukis on the way and some hills up and down. We are now at 2330 m and have gained almost 1000 m last 10 days. We camped close to the cache and when I was digging a hole in the vestibule which also serves as kitchen, I came down to a 15 cm wide crevasse. I could not see the bottom but it did not seem to get any wider further down. I first thought that I would have to move the tent but then decided to shovel some snow in to the fissure and stuff it in with my foot. It works and the snow is frozen in. When I sit in the tent door, cooking and managing the stoves, it feels funny to know that there is a bottomless crevasse under my feet:)

Another important event occurred yesterday when we met the first people we have seen since we started our expedition 42 days ago. It was a french couple with their Norwegian guide, coming from the Pole and on their way to Hercules inlet where we started. We had a good chat and me and the guide shared information about the routes ahead.

20150104_222118Our team met another team, a French couple and their Norwegian guide.

Today [5th of January] we had a rest day. We attack the last part tomorrow and my plan is to get to the Pole in 13 days.

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Camp 39 at 87°22’999 S 82°15’138 W (end of 4th of January. They staid there two nights.)

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