Happy New year from Antarctica

We continue to get positive news from our South Pole team. Conditions have improved, the team is happy, working well together and all is going as hoped for. In his latest message, Einar tells us about the good progress they´ve made:

“Dear friends. Happy New year.

We celebrated the new year with a taste of whiskey before going early to bed as usually 🙂

Last couple of days we have been going strong as the days before.  Weather has been very good, sunny and slightly windy from south. Yesterday [31st of December] the snow was sticky in the morning but the gliding was better in the afternoon and today [1st of January] the gliding was very good. We are gaining altitude much faster these days than before Thyls mountains and on the “steepest” part (nothing is really steep here) we now have sastrugis from south east right across our route in stead of the normal ones that come from the south south west.  We have climbed over 500 m in a week and are now at 1900 m. Yesterday’s distance was 24,1 km and today we skied 26,2 km. This has taken us to a couple of new milestones.  We have now done 755 km total which is over two thirds of the way to the Pole and we have now less than 400 km to go.

20150101_192741A selfie from Einar. Antarctica is obviously not treating him too bad. 

We had hoped to meet the solo kiter that was heading our way but yesterday we saw his fresh track and saw that he had passed slightly East of us.  We still hope to meet the french couple and their guide which should be at the cache on a similar time as we. We will see.

Best regards, Einar”

Camp 35 at 86°26’221 S 81°10’210 W, Temperatures -17°C. (end of 31st of December, 2014)
Camp 36 at 86°40’281 S 81°14’755 W.  Temperatures -16°C. (end of 1st of January, 2015)

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– bh