Past the 82nd degree

We were just receiving the latest info from Einar and his team:

“Hi. Yesterday started well with beautiful weather and moderate wind. We saw Mt. Goodwin for the last time. In the early afternoon the wind started to blow stronger and was very quickly over 20 knots. We battled against it for a while but in the end we decided that it would be better to save the energy for later so we camped early after mere 16,9 km in 5 and a half hours. Today we had good conditions and advanced well and did over 24 km in 7 hours.”

 ec70eff2-dab3-4358-846e-86d2b6b1287a58532977Einar to the right and, hmmm… who´s that 🙂

“We had wind from the south east which is unusual since the catabatic winds are from south west. Today was the first one without seeing any mountains at the horizon. We are now alone in this white desert. We have passed the 82 degree and we have only one day left to reach our first cache.”

6559031b-b019-49e7-9107-d2486214e6d9-284078144At camp 13

The team is well and we are all happy and of course we toasted to a new degree with whisky.
Best regards, Einar”

Camp 12 81°51’449 S 80°31’528 W

Camp 13 82°04’322 S 80 °45’526 W.

– bh