Past the 86th degree and over 700 km done so far

Einar and his team are going fast and all is well. They´ve one over 700 km and are now past the 86th degree. Here is Einar’s latest message:

“Yesterday [29th of December] we had another very good weather day. The surface
was the best we have had during the whole expedition, at times like skiing on a snow covered frozen lake back home. The Thyl mountains can still be seen in the distance but are now quite far. We skied for 7 hours and 30 minutes and covered 25,7 km.

dbdfb2a9-32d8-42d0-991c-98259b2f6d832127161318_editBill and Hugh at the end of the days skiing

Today’s [30th of December] weather was also very good but a little more wind than yesterday so we were happy having lunch in the Rab shelter. The wind and the cold also makes the snow a bit sticky so pulling is harder but we still made good progress and we covered 24,7 km. We made two important milestones today, we have passed 86°S and made more than 700 km.

Best regards

Camp 33 at 85°59’970 S 81°07’720 W (end of 29th of December)
Camp 34 at 86°13’255 S 81°11’735 W (end of 30th of December)

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– bh