Two important milestones

The South Pole team is still going strong and travelling far each day even though they have been experiencing uneven snow for the last two days.

„The two last days have been a bit hard.  We now have sastrugis again and this time they are from southeast to northwest, so we have to go across each and every one instead of skiing along them as we some times could before. Yesterday [2nd of January] we had the glacier landscape rising fast and before each uphill there was a considerable descent.  When we where supposed to stop and put up camp we found our self’s on a big slope with icy snow and nowhere to put up a tent.  So we skied on and it took an extra hour to get to the flat with better snow to camp on. And as a result we had a big day,  28 km and 200 m altitude gain despite the descent we also did. So we are now above 2000m and it is getting a little colder  which among other means that my face mask is constantly freezing to my beard 🙁

20150103_180112Tim, Hugh and Bill after the a skiing session just before putting up tents.

Today [3rd of January] we woke up half an hour later than usual. We were a bit slow to start after the big day yesterday but after we got going we did 22 km of Sastrugi crossings and added some altitude so we are now at 2150 m with more to come since we camped just before a big hill. Two important milestones where passed today,  the 87°S and the 800 km point.  We have now done 805 km.

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Camp 37 at 86°55’308 S 81°32’543 W (end of 2nd of January)
Camp 38 at 87°07’413 S 81°43’668 W (end of 3rd of January)

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– bh