Reaching the first cache

Einar and the team have now reached the first cache of food and supplies that was planted on the way for them. The last day before that was hard, they had low visibility in the morning and the sastrugis became bigger than before. So it was a slow progress early on, but they worked hard and arrived at the cache quarter to seven in the afternoon. Total distance of the day (8th of December) was 23,9 km done in 7 hours and 45 minutes.

20141209_194954Camp 15 and sastrugis around

They camped and decided to dig out the cache the morning after. The joy of reaching the cache was somewhat overshadowed by an unpleasant surprise. „We found out to our discontent that the duffel bags with food where stinking of diesel oil or kerosene. We went through the whole number of bags, had a good look and are hoping that the food is not contaminated. In my regular phone call with Union Glacier tonight I told them to be more careful in the future.“

Contaminated food is seriously bad news but Einar didn´t really mention the status of the food after they had gone through it. No news are better than bad news, right? We assume all was pretty much OK in the end. The day after (the 9th) they continued and all seems good.

„So today after reorganising the pulkas and the new food, we left camp at 13:00. Really big sastrugis but good weather and we did 13,5 km in 4 hours and 45 min,“ Einar told us and they are en route again.

Camp 14 82°17’091 S 80°52’222 W (end of 8th of December)

Camp 15 82°24’371 S 80°54’809 W (end of 9th of December).

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– bh