Exclusive North Pole Last Degree Expedition

We at Icelandic Mountain Guides Expeditions are proud to present our first Exclusive North Pole Last Degree Expedition. It´s no ordinary last degree expedition. The clients to guide ratio is only 2:1 and we offer only two departures this season, so four places available.



On the way to the North Pole


Not only are we talking about a very small group, the guide will be Leifur Örn Svavarsson, our most experienced polar explorer who’s very soon done with his Explorers Grand Slam. When he´s not climbing Mt. Everest or some other high peak around the world, guiding an adrenalin rushing ski touring trip or climbing rock or ice, he likes to chill down a bit and ski across Greenland or to the North or South Poles.



 Leifur Örn Svavarsson as he looks most of the time


As the climate gets warmer, it will not be for long that a unique polar travel like this is possible since the floating sea ice is getting thinner every year. In the awesome and ever changing environment of this polar region we ski the last degree (111 km / 68 miles) right to the one and only North Pole. We go in April, the short window after the sun has gone above the horizon but before the ice has started to melt too much. Shadows from the broken surfaces of the ice are long and the light is beautiful.



Arctic camp site


Read more about this unique expedition on our web site called The North Pole – Skiing the Last Degree – IMGEX04 and see what it is all about.

– bh


Photos by Leifur Örn Svavarsson