At camp 9 and conditions improving

Maxime sent us a message last night. They are at camp 9 and did 25km yesterday and 20km the day before that. So they are picking up speed and overall doing pretty well. Its been very warm lately but now it looks like it’s getting colder and the conditions for skiing and dragging the supplies should get better.

It was a bit windy yesterday 12m/s) and it was snowing. The forecast for the next few days looks good. It’s still going to be colder than the last few days, some precipitation but only light winds from the North. Let’s hope that will be the case.

“I think we will reach the highest point in 3 days” Maxime said. Now at camp 9 they are at 1977m.

More news from the team coming up very soon.

Camp 5 – The story so far

Maxime, the expedition leader, and his group started their journey last Thursday. The progress on Friday, their first full day of the tour, was rather slow with the group only doing 6 km (3.7 miles). The conditions were not optimal with heavy wet snow on a warm day (+4°C at 20:00) . They did 15 km (9.3 miles) on Saturday, 16.8 km (10.4 miles) on Sunday and again 15 km (9.3 miles) on Monday. Maxime told us yesterday that “it is still very warm (+7°C) and snow is melting at 1348 meters above sea level”. He also told us that everyone was okay and the group had good spirit.

From everyone here at the Icelandic Mountain Guides office: Godspeed and good luck with the remaining 500 km!

Preparing for the long journey

Preparing for a long expedition is a lot of work. Whole lot of gear was sent over to Greenland from Iceland some days before the team arrived. They then of course brought even more with them. Then when it all had come together, plus even more that was picked up in Tasiilaq, it was all organized and weighed.

Here are few photos of the team preparing just before leaving for Hahn glacier where the actual crossing starts on skis. They are organizing, packing, weighing and loading the helicopter.


















The Greenland Crossing 2016 is about to start

The Greenland Crossing Expedition is about to start. The expedition members coming from abroad are arriving to Iceland this weekend. On Tuesday the 19th the team of five will fly off to Kulusuk, east Greenland and continue right away to Tasiilaq. There they will stay for two nights before being flown up to Hahn glacier where the actual crossing starts.

In Tasiilaq they need to take care of some paperwork, hand in permits and also do the last preparations before starting the almost month long journey across to the west side of the ice cap.

Here on this blog site we will map the team’s progress. The map will be „glued“ to the top of the page if you go through the “Greenland Crossing 2016” link under the “Greenland Expeditions” category tab on the top of the web site. So we recommend you bookmark that link if you are focusing on this specific expedition.

We will post comments from expedition members and tell about how things are going in general. We try give those at home some insight into the expedition life. So stay tuned if you are interested in following how the expedition is going.


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