27 day’s on the ice incl. 5 storm days, one Piteraq, broken ski …

Last night expedition leader Róbert Þór and his fellow expedition members landed in Iceland after a successful trip across Greenland Ice cap.

The team endured intense weather on the first week of the expedition. For four and a half day the team was grounded while severe storms passed (incl. one Piteraq with winds of 35m/s (126 km/h) howling outside their tent.

Close to the DYE II station, one ski broke in half. A day later a binding, and a pole. With some tail winds the team managed many 30 km days in a row and even two 40 km days.

The following pictures where taken when the expedition members where greeted by the staff of Icelandic Mountain Guides up on arriving in Reykjavik.  A more detailed version of the exp. story is underway.

Until then read more about Anthony Hajos (exp. member) blog here:


IMG_3160From left to right: Eric, Ant and Bjarni


IMG_3195From left to right: Ant, Róbert, Eric and Bjarni


IMG_3181Róbert Þór after his second expedition across the Greenland ice cap