Flying back to sunny Iceland from sunny Greenland

Right now (10 o´clock) the ski-plane is about to depart from Akureyri to pick the Mt. Gunnbjörn team up and bring them back to Iceland. Ívar has called in and talked to the pilot, assured him that conditions are ok. Well, the snow is still heavy and when the team and the gear is in the plane, it´s heavier than when it was trying to take off last time. But we are lucky to be cooperating with Norlandair and their crew of true expert staff and pilots that know the area well and have done countless landings and take-offs there in all conditions.


The team on the way to the landing site. Just about to be picked up.


The weather is good and all looks fine for a landing around or soon after 13:00 today. It makes things easier to have people on the ground to tell us how the weather is, tell us if the clouds are likely to be teasing us. It´s different on the way out when we only have the forecasts, computer models to tell us how it most likely is.


Waiting for the plane to land. Plenty of everything so no reason to get bored or hungry.


The waiting for the plane won´t be too much of a torture for the team since it´s warm and the sun is shining. Ívar told us actually that he´s wearing a T-shirt, working on his tan I guess 🙂 The sun will stay with them cause here in Reykjavík, Iceland we have exceptionally good weather now and the sun is shining bright. A warm welcome is waiting them.


In the Arctic… but it’s warm in the area right now.


We wish the team a pleasant flight back to Iceland.