GC2012 – 2 meters of snow!

Date: 26th April | Location: Greenland ice sheet | Weather: windy and snowing quite a bit

26/4 23:11 (GMT) Yesterday the team got caught in a bad weather ( > 15 m/s) and had to stay put for the day. It was snowing a lot and they had to spend most of the day clearing snow off the tents. The morning after they had to dig out the skis (that stood upright) since it had snowed a lot and there were more than two meters around the tents and everything was covered. After this there are big sastrugis all over that will probably slow them down for a while.

After the 0 km day they had a good one today and did 15,4 km even though it was hard to pull the load in the demanding conditions after the heavy snowfall. The visibility was very bad until noon and after that they could see the sun every now and then.

When in night camp on the 26th they had done 109 km total and the altitude is 1890m.