GC2012 – back to Iceland!

Date: 22nd May | Location: Reykjavík | Weather: Cloudy   Reykjavik 22.5 – The team is back to Iceland after a great expedition. Now here at last some words from the expedition leader him self: “The 7th IMG Greenland Crossing was completed successfully on may 15th, thanks to everyone for keeping an eye on us! Overall we skied 549km’s in 27 days. We expected to take 25 and were close to finishing on the 26th, only 7km’s away from Hill 660. We had three weather days, one with no skiing. It snowed 10 days, there were 8 days in whiteout or higher winds and we had 9 sunny days. Due to the amounts of snowfall the surface was often covered with sastrukis (windpacked snow waves) which took an average of two days to blow away. Overall, heavier snow conditions than on previous crossings. All members were in good health all the way, minor frostbite and swollen feet from elevation and strain were the only issues. No important gear broke on the way except for a few binding screws and one stove which was replaced. Thanks to everyone at IMG and AC that supported us with planning, preparations, logistics and communications, specially Björgvin at IMG. All in all a great crossing, fantastic team and an adventure to be remembered!  -Robert Thor Haraldsson, EL.”