GC2012 – brief visit by a small bird!

Date: 30th April | Location: Greenland ice sheet | Weather: no wind and good visibility

30/4 22:52 (GMT) No wind yesterday but it was snowing a bit. So today it was hard to drag the pulkas. At noon today the wind got a lot stronger. Tonight when Róbert called there was no wind and good visibility.

They did 16,5 km yesterday and 14 km today. The elevation is 2213m so they only have about 250 vertical meters left to the highest point. After they reach the highest point the fall-wind should stop teasing them. They also start to go downwards instead of upwards so the speed will go up. They have now done 170 km total.

In the evenings they have been enjoying beautiful sunsets despite the wind. Today they were briefly visited by a small bird. It obviously didn´t like them very much since it flew off right away.



Beautifull Night Sky
Beautifull night sky