GC2012 – closing in on Hill 660!

Date: 12th May | Location: Greenland ice sheet | Weather: Snowing with little visibility

12/5 23:50 (GMT) This morning fresh snow was covering everything and it was snowing the whole day making it hard to drag the pulkas. Still they did 31 km today and 32,4 km yesterday. It´s around 77 km left to Hill 660 and they will head straight in the direction to there tomorrow.

Today they started out in -19°C but it gradually became warmer and in the evening the temperature was up to -2°C. They descended about 200m and the elevation now is 1450m. So far there have been around 10 days with almost no visibility and Róbert is hoping that there are bright days ahead.

Róbert mentioned how grateful he is for the good group he has with him. Good helpful travel companions and conversations are fun and lively. That’s priceless on a journey like this.