GC2012 – DYE 2 station in sight!

Date: 8th May | Location: Greenland ice sheet | Weather: Good weather with some wind in the back

8/5 22:38 (GMT) Yeah… the DYE II station is in sight. Tonight’s camp is only 10 km away from it. They will reach the station tomorrow at noon probably. Must be interesting and even a bit eerie to see DYE II out there in the middle of the glacier. Getting there is a certain milestone and good for the team spirit. Congratulations 🙂

They met two Norwegians today. But they had not seen the two Australians that should, according to the latest news, be one day ahead of our team.

The weather has been good lately and for the first time they have been having some wind blowing from behind. That´s helpful and probably had something to do with new record days. They did 28 km yesterday and 29 km today. Now they have done 350 km and have about 190 km left. The elevation is 2180m.



DYE 2 station
DYE II station