GC2012 – footprints of a fox!

Date: 28th April | Location: Greenland ice sheet | Weather: windy and snowing with bad visibility

Cooking in a warm tent
Cooking in a warm tent

28/04 23:32 (GMT): Last two days have been slow. There are lot´s of sastrugis around that make it hard to drag the heavy pulkas forward. The weather has been sup-optimal to say the least, windy and snowing and the visibility bad. Cause of the wind they’ve been using the tarp when they take breaks. The temperature was high yesterday, up to 1°C when it was snowing, colder today and down to -16°C this evening.

It looks like the weather might be a challenge for a bit longer. The winds are predicted to be high tomorrow with some snow fall. Less wind on Monday but it might be snowing even more. Let´s see how that goes.

The team did 14,3 km yesterday and 14,2 km today. The elevation now is 2068m and they have done 139 km total so about 400 km left to go.

They are obviously not alone up there. Róbert said they saw footprints of a fox in the snow today.