GC2012 – foot steps of a big fox heading north!

Date: 10th May | Location: Greenland ice sheet | Weather: Good weather with little wind

10/5 22:37 (GMT) Around noon yesterday Róbert and the team reached the DYE II station and spent some two hours having a good look. They met a man called Drew and his wife, who live next to the station for five months each year. Drew takes care of the airstrip there. Huge Hercules planes come from NY to practise landing every week. Drew told them that last season, 84 people came a cross the glacier. That´s quite some traffic.

In the beginning, when they were still going up towards the highest point, they walked for 4 times 1,5 hours every day. Some days they did extra 30 minutes. After they started going down again they changed the routine to 5 times 1,5 hours of walking. They always stick to the 1,5 hours before taking a brake, that´s holy.

Yesterday they did 23,5 km (long brake at DYE II) in white out first half of the day but after that it got brighter. Today they did 33,4 km. First it was bright and then it started to snow. Skiing condition are good, almost no wind and not so cold. The elevation now is 1850m.

Today they saw footsteps of a big fox heading north. That one is obviously on a long journey.



The team reaching the DYE 2 station!
The team reaching the DYE II station!