GC2012 – mountains on the horizon!

Date: 13th May | Location: Greenland ice sheet | Weather: Clear sky, a bit cold and wind in the back

13/5 23:34 (GMT) Finally seeing mountains in the distance, what a great feeling that must be. This is an obvious sign, they are getting really close to finishing the Greenland glacier crossing. They did 38 km today and have only 40 km left to Hill 660.

It was a good day today with some wind in the back even. They are on hard ice but luckily there is some cm of snow on top so they are still able to ski. Most likely they have to, at some point, take the skis off and put on the crampons. That will slow them down so let´s hope they can ski for some time more.

It was -17°C last night and it´s also cold tonight and clear skies. If it´s cold it´s less likely they have problems with water on the way down. It is possible that they can get off the glacier tomorrow if everything goes super well. But probably it´s more realistic to assume they will finish around noon on Thursday.

Róbert has been calling in every other day but now he will call more frequently. He called last night and tonight and will call again tomorrow. Now things are happening fast and we are excited to know how things are going. So stay tuned 🙂