GC2012 – point 660!

Date: 15th May | Location: Greenland – Kangerlussuaq| Weather: fluffy little clouds

15/5 22:05 (GMT) “Point 660 here we come!!” Yes, they are off the glacier. Tonight around six their time (20 GMT) they made it off the glacier. Congratulations guys 🙂

Today was “hardcore” like Róbert put it. Last camp on the glacier was 7,6 km away from point 660, so a rather short way to go but it was not easy. First they managed to go on skis over demanding terrain but at one point they just could not go further, facing a 50m high steep hillside, almost a wall. It was no way they could have dragged the heavy pulkas up there. At this point they decided to take the skis off and use the crampons for the rest of the way, some two kilometers.

They filled their back-packs, managed to take half of the gear with them off the glacier. Then they went in again to get the rest. This wasn´t easy at all. The terrain there on the edge of the glacier was very demanding and took it´s time. We had originally arranged for a pick up that we then had to delay a bit.

When Róbert called tonight they were expecting the pick-up in a short time. Everyone is of course very happy to be off the glacier now, having achieved the amazing thing of crossing the huge Greenland ice cap from east to west. It´s easy to imagine that now they are very eager to get to a warm shower after all this time 🙂

For the next two nights they will stay at Old Camp in Kangerlussuaq. On Thursday morning they will fly over to Nuuk and stay there one night. On Friday evening they have a flight back to Iceland.

It´s going to be great to hear some interesting stories straight from them when we meet them after they’re back home. Now we know that they are all very happy and everyone is feeling good and healthy. Again… congratulations guys!