GC2012 – the crossing coming to an end!

Date: 14th May | Location: Greenland ice sheet | Weather: Clear sky and gentle breeze


14/5 23:35 (GMT) They are getting closer to the “finish-line”, now there are only 7,6 km to Hill 660. The terrain is quite difficult where they are, big hills that they have to cross and drag the pulkas over. At one point they could´t go further and had to go back a little to find a better route.

There is some water around and snow is covering it so it´s hard to see where the spots are. Róbert said he has been going through few times but not far, it´s not deep so no worries. Being so close to the edge of the glacier it´s pretty sure they will step off it tomorrow, when exactly we can´t say for sure. It´s good to take a look at the Spot map to get the latest point, it´s updated faster than the map on the front page.

The weather today has been beautiful, clear sky and gentle breeze from behind. It might be a bit cloudy tomorrow but still quite ok weather. They did 33 km today and the elevation now is 730m.

If everything goes as planned, they will be picked up tomorrow in the afternoon. If they come to point 660 early they might start to walk, without the heavy gear, down the road that leads to Kangerlussuaq.