GC2012 – the skins are coming off!

Date: 4th May | Location: Greenland ice sheet | Weather: Sunny and a bright sky

4/5 23:50 (GMT): Yesterday the weather was good sunny and bright skyes. Camp at 2454m, -26°C in the night. Sastrugis are getting very small and the snow is more even and the group walked 20 km. Today was a great day, they reached the top of the glacier and for the first time the felt like going down a little bit. They took skins off and advanced 23,5km on 6,5 active hours.

An amazing thing happened today when over 50 geese sat down on the glacier close to the group, a fantastic moment! They have now 98 km left to Dye 2 station and spirits are high. Count on beeing there in 4 to 5 days. 246 km are now behind them and less than 300 to go. Tomorow they will be halfway in km. Around 9 to 10 days left in total. We have also learned that one of the group, Hugh is actually a decendant of Nansen him self, so no wonder their spirits are strong 🙂