GC2012 – traffic on the ice sheet!

Date: 6th May | Location: Greenland ice sheet | Weather: Foggy and some hail with little visibility

6/5 23:40 (GMT) Flock of geese? Nope, it´s the Norwegians crossing the glacier west to east. Róbert’s team met a group (of nine) from Hvitserk today. It was nice for them to finally meet other people. One other team has passed them few days ago but too far away from them to see each other. The Hvitserk team was on their 13th day. They said there is another Hvitserk team on the way, 11 people. They also said that there are three Australians one day ahead of our team. Then another Icelandic team of two has just started from the Hahn glacier, so there is quite a lot of traffic these days.

Yesterday was warm, sleet all day and whiteout. They did 21 km. Today they did 25,8 km, the most distance covered in a day so far. It´s still warm, -2°C at noon and -4°C tonight. It was foggy today and some hail with little visibility but good skiing conditions. The elevation is 2384m.



raffic on the ice sheet!
Traffic on the ice sheet!