30km away from DYE II radar station

We received a phone call from Maxime tonight (Saturday, 7th of May) at camp 17, now only 30km away from DYE II radar station. The last three days have been going really well, they´ve been covering over 30km each day. So they will hopefully reach the station tomorrow.

Maxime aims at reaching Point 660 in 7 days. But let´s see about that. The fact is that the last part on the western side is extremely wet according to people in Kangerlussuaq and the water might slow them down. They have also had this confirmed by two Norwegian teams they recently met that started their crossings on the west side. They also saw a flock of geese flying over yesterday but did´t manage to get any useful information out of them 🙂

If they reach Point 660 in 7 days, they will be there on the 14th of May. If this goes as planned, they would like to do the awesome two day hike from Point 660 (the western edge of the glacier) and down to Kangerlussuaq village.

So far the weather has not been too problematic. But now this coming Sunday and Monday the wind is picking up quite a lot, blowing from the south, not really calming down until late Monday or Tuesday. It´s also getting warmer and it continues to be warm, not exactly what we hoped for since there is already a lot of melting happening on the western side.

So there might be challenging times ahead and challenges is something that is to be expected on an expedition like this one. The good thing is that the team is strong, everyone feeling good and healthy and spirits are high.