Arrival at Point 660

Yesterday was a tough day for the team but they succeeded in reaching their goal for the day the fabled Point 660, which they have been aiming for all along, thereby completing the traverse of the Greenland Ice Cap from east to west. Congratulations!

Maxime the EL, called us last night and confirmed that they would continue into the early hours of today in order to reach Point 660, estimating arrival there around 1.00 am. He said that the ice fall was proving to be really tricky with crevasses and cauldrons to navigate through and the slushy and wet conditions had not been favorable. The team was not skiing at all yesterday but dragging the, by now lightweight pulkas along, wearing their boots and crampons. Needless to say they must all have been very tired, yet elated on reaching Point 660.  Let´s hope they all enjoyed a good night´s sleep off the ice.

Happy crossing to all the team members!