Getting closer to Point 660

This morning the team is 89 km from Point 660 and if all goes according to plan they will stand on Terra firma on Saturday evening. They have been doing great in the last 2 days, covering 30 km despite difficult conditions, wind and wet snow. There has also been some rain making their lives even more difficult and views have been limited due to fog.

Their prayers, and ours as well, for a drop in temperatures have gone unnoticed up until now but their spirits are still high and they are far from moaning at all. Yesterday they met 2 groups coming up from Point 660 so they have recent news of the conditions of the ice fall. A minor cold has been bothering Gareth but he is getting better. They will continue today in less wind and if the forecast is correct they will have no rain either and hopefully some views since the peaks leading up to the ice cap should be within view those last few days.

We send our good thoughts to Maxime and his team hoping for some great last days on the ice and can not wait to hear how they tackle the ice fall.