Going through the Ice fall

Maxime just called and reported that the team was on the edge of the ice fall and would spend the day getting tackling its obstacles. Last night they camped at the edge of the ice fall and spent, hopefully their last night on the ice. If they complete the navigation through the ice fall they will set up camp on Point 660, a small and barren hill at the edge of the ice. Weather is not bothering them too much today, even though they would appreciate slightly lower temperatures.

Navigating through the ice fall can be a tough feat since you constantly need to change course in order to find the best way out of this labirynth that the cracks and ridges of the ice have formed. Temperature has been high the last few days so there might be some water to tackle with as well. We wish the team all the luck with getting through the ice fall and look forward to hear how they dealt with this last obstacle of the expedition. We will of course report as soon as the team has come off the ice.