Much colder than before and a bit windy today

We got a message from Maxime and the team this morning, now just about to leave camp 12 (at 2345m altitude). After the first warm days, it´s getting way colder. Maxime tells us that it is now “-28°C at 7 am. -35°C yesterday night. A bit windy 12m/s. it s going to be pretty cold today.” But all is OK and pretty extreme weather something to be expected. Now it´s cold but in general the weather is stable.

The condition of the team is overall good even though some have blisters, “but nothing bad” Maxime assures us.

We will  stay in touch with the team and report about how they are doing but because of how cold it is at the moment, they can’t stop for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time during the day. So we can´t expect them to be texting that much, mainly in the night after they have set up the camp.

Here is a short description of how their daily life goes: “We start every day at 8h30 AM and stop at around 17h30/18h. take 40 min. to build the wall and then we pitch our tents. At ten o’clock everybody is asleep. Max”

More later…