The team reaches the radar station DYE 2

Yesterday morning we got a message from Maxime and were relieved to hear that all had gone according to plan despite the storm on Sunday. True, this was a long day and conditions difficult but skiing from 08.30 in the morning to 7 o´clock in the evening did the trick and they reached DYE 2, the bizarre remnants of a cold war radar station out there on the ice cap.

There were 4 cold war radar Stations across Greenland, two of them on the ice cap DYE 2 and DYE 3. Those were abandoned in 1988 in 72 hours and almost everything left behind. Inside the strange dome you will find a fully equipped kitchen and other remnants of the necessities for daily life. Time will erase all of this and one day ski explorers will simply ski past without even noticing, since the structures are slowly sinking into the ice.

Luckily the wind is slowing down and Maxime and his group continue today heading for the Point 660 enjoying the stable conditions of the ice cap before the real ordeal starts, finding a way through the labyrinth of the ice fall

Yesterday the team covered 35 kilometers despite strong winds from the south. After yet another windy night, this morning it is still quite windy but they are intent on continuing. Weather forecasts show that the wind will lessen somewhat today so hopefully the team can enjoy the last days on this immense ice cap in relative calm.