East Greenland Kite Expedition 2017: Update 16

It was a nice and warm day. The good thing about kiting is that the weather-bound have the best weather, that is to say, calm. In the afternoon, the wind died down  so were able to continue kiting.

Walking seemed pointless comparing with the speed, so we decided to have a welcome rest. With no wind, and a sunny and clear sky, we could undress and wash ourselves. After the cold weather last week, it felt warm in the sun, and we walked half naked  and dried the ice and humidity from our sleeping bags and outer gear. We still see the Watkins Mountains in the distance and a series of Nunataks: mountains standing out from the glacier.

This morning (18th), we started walking. The wind was strong, but we had kited into a crevasse area the night before and we thought it was safer to rope up and walk. On safe ground, we set up the kites  and had pleasant ride  in good conditions until the wind died down around lunch time.

Continuing the expedition, the journey will be split into two parts. The first part of about 350km to Mt: Forel and then about 200km to Isortoq

We have enough food and fuel, moral is high and every one of us is optimistic about moving forward.



East Greenland Kite Expedition 2017