East Greenland Kite Expedition: Update 11

High hopes and large disappoint.

We really thought we were going to have a large kiting day and that the conditions were turning in our favour. The forecast was for a northerly wind that was suitable for us. Finally, after 2 weeks of travel the wind would not be in our face. We were travelling through large valleys, the snow surface  were flat and we had 10-15cm of powder snow on a hard surface. After endless stuggle, we were finally able to travel some distance in good and pleasant  conditions.

The reality turned out to be different. After 2 hours of walking this morning, the wind picked up and  and we had pleasant kiting for all of 15  minutes, travelling about 5km. The rest of the day, we kept on struggling wit very little result  in too little wind until we finally gave up and walked the last two hours of the day.

Tomorrow afternoon, it will start snowing and it is supposed to last 3-4 day. We are now planning to change our route west. Instead of going through the Watkins mountains we are aiming for the Greenland Ice Cap. Walking to there will take us about a week if we are not able to kite, but from there and to Ammassalik there could be constant wind. At least, this is what we hope for.



East GreenlandKite Expedition 2017