East Greenland Kite Expedition: Update 12

Brrr, it was a cold morning. Skùli was on the kitchen shift and had to get up at 05:30 to melt snow and make breakfast for the others. In temperatures of -24°C he chose to surprise us with pancakes and bacon. It was nice to wake up with the smell but for Skùli in his thick down parka and with gloves on. It was hard work to do all this work in the entry of the tent.

Even our Mountain Equipment Iceline sleeping bags are out of there comfort rating, but they were doing well, and all of us were warm and slept well.

The day was hard. We set of from our pre-decided track and have started our long walk to the Greenland Ice Cap. We are still surrounded by mountains, following glacier-filled valleys but as we advance, and climb higher, the landscape will become flatter and with fewer mountains  standing out of the glacier  but hopefully with “Katabatic” wind that will make our progress easier.




East Greenland Kite Expedition