East Greenland Kite Expedition: Update 15

What a day.

At 17:30, we discussed if we should camp or continue. We had been struggling the whole day. We started well, but that lasted only several km, then our kites were laying on the ground with no wind, and we had time to enjoy the view over the Watkins Mountains, thinking that we would not be going further. But the wind picked up and we managed to get a little bit further and come to the edge off a steep slope  where we could slide carefully sideways  so our sledges would not roll over. At the bottom, the winds were hurricane force, but instead of walking for half an hour, we did get the brilliant idea to put up our smallest 4m2 kites to for two people, to get away from the mountain and towards less wind.

I was attached to Hallgrímur when he was to get started. The kite went off with a blast  and Hagrímur (about 100kg, with the nickname “the refrigerator”) was lifted about  2 meters high into the air! He landed on his feet and continued struggling with three more large jumps until we had both fallen, and the tents were upside down.

After changing to larger kites, we came to ice; hard wind sculptured snow that was hardly ski-able. There, we discussed if we should camp or continue. Since our progress had not been too great, we decided to continue a while.

And here we are. 109km later, camping in the middle of a crevasse that forced us to stop. We will find a way through that in the early morning, but more on that later.

Stay tuned!