East Greenland Kite Expedition: Update 19: The Team Reaches Isortoq!

Yesterday was an extremely long day. We woke up at 02:00am at night as the wind had picked up. Finally silk soft sailing with strong wind and light snow. Going downwind it felt calm except when we stopped then we realised how string the wind was. As the wind had died down earlier in the days before, so we sailed non-stop until noon.

Then, we had finished over 100km and we were starting to see down tot he ice-covered sea. Committed to finishing the expedition, we continued walking 35km to the coast.

Our well-earned destination, Isortoq, is a magnificently located town. Open to the glacier wind and strong storms, the sides facing the glacier are mostly worn off. At best, registered inhabitants  were 83, but as in many other places, people have been moving to the capital Tasiilaq in East Greenland, where we are going on Monday on our way back to Iceland after 1200km travel in more than a months long expedition.