Greenland Kite Expedition 2017: Update 2

The snow is getting firmer, but that only made it harder for the dogs. As we are getting closer to the mountains, the new snow is about 80cm and as we are going ahead of the dogs to compact the snow on our fat Atomic skis we were still sinking in to our knees. The total distance travelled has only been 5km. Yes, for the whole day. There are still way over 1000km to go so we are not worried at all. Our philosophy is to continue to struggle for the next two weeks or so and then we will take stock of the situation, think about how we are doing and if there is whiskey, we will certainly last the whole journey.

The Greenlandic hunters that we hired to take us over Scorsby Sound fed us Polar Bear for dinner. It actually tasted good, but then again most warm food after a long, cold day would have tasted good.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!