Greenland Kite Expedition 2017: Update 3

The Spring is arriving in Scorsby Sound. The temperature is rising and there are flocks of birds in the sky.

The snow is slowly getting firmer but the main difference was that the hunters, the hunters that  were that we hired to take us over she Scoresby Sound, were able to get a snowmobile assistant to finish their task. After being only able to travel 5 km yesterday, they did get snowmobiles to compact the snow snow for the dogs.

With the aid of the snowmobile, we drove back and forth through the frozen fjord so this morning there was a compact track that they were able to follow so we managed to get over 30 km to the south coast of the enormous fjord.

On arrival to the west Borgen Bugt (bay) we crossed fresh polar bear tracks from a bear that has been wandering around in the small bay were we are now camping. We are glad that the hunters are still with us and the dogs are on guard if a  Polar Bear passes.

Tomorrow the hunters will return and our task will be to find a way up the steep and crevassed Borgen glacier.  Even through the glacier is rising up to 2000 m then “only” the first 1500 m are really steep and impressive.

I have to admit that I’m a little bit worried as we sink to our hips in the snow when we take the skis off and our sledges with 36 days of food are full and heavy but we will see how this will go on the next days.