Greenland Kite Expedition: Update 10

Today is a beautiful day! Finally, things are going in our favour! We set off walking again this morning. After an hour had light wind  and managed to set up our largest kites,  at 18 square meters, with little effort. We covered 20km in one hour, stopping on the edge of the Gege Plateau where we could sled and ski  the 600m drop into the valley below. Finishing the day walking, we made between 35 and 40 km. These have been the longest days so far but still below the 50km average  that we have to keep if we are to finish this gigantic task that we have started.

Tomas had his “surprise” food bag today. We had already seen the red wine, but we did not expect the food that he would be offering. For two weeks, he has been dragging along barbecue to cook the steaks he was giving us; real eggs, bacon and sausages were there as well! This was a welcome change from the muesli we have been eating in the mornings!

I hope the boys will not be disappointed when I open my “surprise” food bag in a week from now; I am not carrying the same level of luxury as the other have brought,