Greenland Kite Expedition: Update 6

The day started with a blast. There was a good wind, and we packed our things in a hurry. When we were setting out our largest kites, the wind managed to grab Einar’s kite before he was ready with his skis and his sledge. 18 square meters os sail have a lot of power and I saw Einar get pulled off his feet  and get dragged away, sliding on his back in the snow.

It took while to repair the line and get everyone ready again and then of course, the wind had died down. We continued struggling with the kites for several hours and sailed many kilometres back and forth in this beautiful valley, but unfortunately only several meters in the right direction, so we gave up and walked the rest of the day.

We are not mentioning how many kilometres we managed but we have been eating very nice food. Each of us did bring one day of food and Hallgrímur had his food bag yesterday giving us beef filé for dinner and a luxury dinner today. Now, Skúli is baling pancakes for us for desert. We will be two weeks into he expedition before we have to start eating normal, dried expedition food.

On more serious matters, hopefully the wind will be in our favour in the next days, since we have along distance to cover in the next 20 days than the full south pole expedition.