Greenland Kite Expedition: Update 9

This morning, we are spending the morning in the tent. Everyone is still in their sleeping bags. We had a long day yesterday. We started early as there was a snowstorm in the weather forecast. We set of hiking and then switched to kiting, both in difficult conditions. The sculpture snow was hard frozen after the warmth of recent days, and we kept getting our skis stuck under the overhanging snow waves (Sastrugis)

If the kites touched the ground, the lines were caught up in the harsh snow and we could not get them back in the air again so 3 of us ended up walking the last two hours  to our camp as the visibility was also declining. Now, the strong wind and furious snowdrift of the night was slowly dying down. Hopefully, we will be able to set off again in the afternoon.  At least we can see between the two tents  at the moment.