Mt. Gunnbjörn 2016 expedition comes to a successful end

The team landed safely in Akureyri yesterday (4th of June) where they then staid one night before continuing to Reykjavík. There the expedition started officially and that´s where it ended. Yet another successful Mt. Gunnbjörn expedition in the bag for Icelandic Mountain Guides.

Like before we collaborated with Norlandair, the experts in getting us to the Watkins mountains area and back safely. This time we also collaborated with our friends at Adventure Consultants. Thanks to both for a fruitful cooperation.

Even thought the team got to Greenland one day later than planned, they came back to Iceland one day ahead of schedule, mission accomplished fast but safely.

You can find plenty of photos and info in previous post but let´s take a look at some more photos Ívar brought back …

There was a lot of new snow and the plane sank in quite a bit. They actually had to “dig it out”, get some snow out of the way before the pilots could move it again and start the takeoff process. The landing site was at 2215m.


This photos was shot the last day when they were almost down to the landing site, looking back towards the summit. We can see their tracks there and Mt. Gunnbjörn is right in the centre of the photo.


After landing, the team moved higher up the valley, about 3,4km away from the landing site at 2415m and set up a camp.


Mt. Gunnbjörn highest peak of the Arctic (3694m).


Ívar looks back and snaps this photo of Simon, Travyn and Thomas when they were on the way up towards the mountain. The distance to the summit from the camp was about 6km. They started out from camp at 10:30 GMT and stood at the top around 16:30. GMT.


The track is well visible on the ridge leading  towards the summit.


A selfie on the summit of the highest peak in the Arctic.
They said the views were amazing and countless peaks around. This photo proves that.


At base camp, looking down towards the landing site. After the summit was in the bag, they staid one more night in the camp.

For those who are interested in the Mt. Gunnbjörn 2017 Expedition, please check out IMG’s website for further information. After doing Vinson, the highest peak in the Antarctic, Mt. Gunnbjörn is a logical next step 🙂