On the summit!

Ívar just called us from the summit of Mt. Gunnbjörn. The weather was good and no real reason not to go for the summit today. And that´s what they did. At 16:30 (GMT), 03.06.2016, the four of the stood on the summit. Congratulations! But they still have to get down and we hope for a phone call or a message after they reach camp tonight.

Simon Gower, Thomas Rhall and Travyn Rhall along with the expedition leader Ívar Finnbogason (behind the camera) made it to the summit of Mt. Gunnbjörn on the 3rd of June, 2016. They have now all been to the highest summits of both the Arctic and the Antarctic. Congratulations!


Ívar Finnbogason, expedition leader, standing on the top of Mt. Gunnbjörn for the second time.

Since the goal has been reached, we will see if it´s possible to pick the up already tomorrow. If that will be the case, they then have finished what they came for in just three days.

Like we mentioned before, it took the ski-plane many attempts to take off after the team was dropped off. The reason being wet and heavy snow. Ívar told us that last night it was warm, sleet and quite windy. So probably the conditions haven´t gotten any better.

We are in contact with the pilot an we will make a decision early tomorrow morning if it´s a go or no-go.

More info soon.

Earlier today when the team was leaving the camp, heading towards their goal.