The Mt. Gunnbjörn 2016 team off to Greenland

The Mt. Gunnbjörn 2016 expedition has begun. Early this morning, the team flew off to Akureyri in the north of Iceland. There they will board the ski-plane that takes them to the Watkins Mountain area in Greenland after a brief stop for more fuel in Ísafjörður, a small town in the west fjords of Iceland.

Mt. Gunnbjörn is Greenland’s highest mountain. It´s also the highest peak located north of the Arctic Circle. Therefore it does not just hold the title of being the highest peak in Greenland but is also the highest peak of the Arctic (3694m).

The expedition leader Ívar Finnbogason is one of IMG’s most experienced guides and with him are Simon, Travyn and Thomas, all three from Australia. They are scheduled back to Iceland on the 5th of June if weather and conditions allow.


The Mt. Gunnbjörn team ready to depart from Reykjavík domestic airport. From left: Thomas, Travyn, Ívar and Simon.

It´s a short expedition but still we will post here information they manage to send us while out there. The weather in the area looks good for the next few days. The ski-plane needs very good visibility to land and the only question at this point is weather they manage to fly from Iceland today, and land, or if they need to wait until tomorrow.

We´ll keep you posted.