Touch down on the glacier

Great news! Our Mt. Gunnbjörn team has managed to land in the Watkins mountains area where Mt. Gunnbjörn is located.

The plan was to fly to Greenland yesterday (1st of June), but since the weather conditions in the landing area were not good enough, the flight was postponed till today. A new departure time was decided 07:00 this morning. It was not 100% sure if they would be able to land but today looked like the best day according to weather forecast, out of the next three days. So we gave it a go.

All went well obviously cause the ski-plane touched down at 11:21 this morning. We don´t yet know exactly how the weather was but good enough for a successful landing at least and that´s all we need to know right now.

Now we wait for some news about how things are going. We are confident that the team will do well and manage to summit on Mt. Gunnbjörn in the next few days.

Ívar sent us some photos while still having mobile coverage. Please take a look…


Next stop after Akureyri was Ísafjörður. The shortest distance to the landing site is from there. Here we see the ski-plane being filled up with fuel.


Inside the ski-plane. Lot´s of gear of course.


The view soon after takeoff from Ísafjörður.


Here is an old one. It shows similar ski-plane and Mt. Gunnbjörn to the far left.