415 km and counting

In the morning of the 15th of December, the wind was blowing hard and howling at over 20 knots around 10 am. This of course slowed the team down as the visibility was considerably reduced and the snow conditions got a lot worse.

“Our Rab shelter came very handy in these conditions as it is very difficult to eat outside. The wind born snow drift is more like sand than any normal snow. Pulling the pulkas through this terrible snow, against the wind and through the sastrugis demanded a lot of effort so we stopped early and put up camp. 4,5 hours and 12,7 km.”

Well, not too bad on a very demanding day with rough conditions.

Conditions each day can be very different and a bad day were it´s only possible to cover short distance can be followed by a great day with good weather and a good distance covered.

“This morning [16th of December] the weather was excellent and became one of the three best days we have had during the expedition. No shelter for lunch and good condition. The sastrugis are still very big and in the attached picture you can see the other expedition members sitting in them. We do a lot of zigzag between them and over them when needed and this affects our travel speed but it was still a good day with 23 km in 7 hours.”

20141216_105422No need for the Rab shelter on this beautiful day

That´s much better. They are quite content now, having done 415 km in total. Their plan is still to be at the next cache on the 23rd of December and that means 160 km to go in 7 days.

Camp 21 83°26’879 S 80°36’041 W (end of 15th of December)

Camp 22 83°39’228 S 80°36’796 W (end of 16th of December)

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– bh