Antarctica calling

Einar just phoned us up with some news about how things are going.

Now, Einar thinks they will arrive at Thiels Corner around noon on the 24th of December. There they will stay for two nights and rest.

At Thiels Corner there is an airstrip, fuel storage and one toilet. No one is stationed there so they will be alone there.

So far the snow conditions have been worse that Einar expected. Bigger sastrugis, covering larger areas than he hoped for. But he has got news from another expedition saying that this is getting better from now.

At Thiels Corner they will get new supplies and plan to reach the third cache in 12 days. After reaching the third cache they plan on maximum two weeks to get to the South Pole.

So let´s hope the news about better snow conditions are correct and that everything goes well. We are in no doubt.

– bh