Cold weather and sticky snow

Einar and the team can definitely feel that the temperature is falling and the snow conditions are challenging. But still they manage to do pretty well and hopefully have only few days left before standing on the South Pole.

“The last two days it has been “very” cloudy and snowing, the Antarctic way.  That is we have had some tiny ice or snow crystals in the air which make thin patches of clouds that the sun shines through most of the time.  It has continued to be cold (-27°C) and the snow is extremely sticky. Despite the fact that the sleds are getting lighter and that the terrain is getting flatter, we work hard to ski 21 to 22 km per day.  Yesterday [12th of January] we did 21,7 km and today [13th of January] 21,4 km in 7 hours and 20 min active moving time. We have had some snow drifting on the surface and that does not help. So it looks like we will continue with this speed the next days.  This will bring us to the Pole in 6 more days. We have now skied 997 km and there are only 133 km to go.

4b036ac1-0cbe-4e68-ba06-950ad9b1555c466708495Photo of the sun in a “cloudy” weather

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Camp 46 at 88°38’543 S 80°31’229 W (end of 12th of January)
Camp 47 at 88°49’943 S 79°31’223 W (end of 13th of January)

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