Good days, bad days…

26th of November, Einar and his team arrived at Camp 3 (80°12’579 and 80°33’941) after walking in a white out for 6 hours and 16 minutes.

“Very hard to negotiate Greenland size sastrugis when you don’t see a thing. Altitude at 771m which is half the gain for next 550 km. Thyl camp is at aprox 1500 m 550 km away. Temp in camp -12 wind 2 m/s . Plan is to walk 7 active hours tomorrow. With less height gain we should be faster.” Einar told us in a message in the end of the day.

db7bdea0-1d3d-4e89-948a-e2093e9d3b3f-781188147Hugh and Einar looking good

In the latest message from Einar that we were just receiving, Einar tells us that they indeed had a good day yesterday like he was hoping for.

“We had our first full day of 7 hours. During the day we had white out conditions which improved by the end of the day. In the white out it is much harder to navigate a good route through the sastrugis.”

In the end of the day they had done 18,2 km. Camp 4 at 80°22’392 w80°29’669.

Next day was a bit tougher. “Today [28th] total white out the whole day. Disappointed with the progress. Mere 14,2 km in 7 hours.”

Camp 5 at 80°30’005 80°26’548. -13C 8m/s

Well, good days and not as good days so far. All normal and we keep on following the teams every (almost) move.

– bh