Good progress after two days of rest during Christmas

During the two days at Thiels Corner the team had a good rest and ate well. Exactly what you are suposed to do in Christmas time.

“Hi. We celebrated Christmas with a second day of rest. We had good food, Bill’s famous English Christmas pudding, after eight, blue cheese and more. The rest of the day was spent reading and sleeping. This morning [26th of December] we woke up full of energy to continue the journey. The weather was good, almost no wind and cloudy. The sastrugis have disappeared and the terrain is easier and that helps the speed. We did 25,8km today and are happy about this good beginning of our second half. Our total distance is now 603 km. We learned this evening from Union Glacier that the french couple and their guide left from the Pole this morning and also a solo kiter, both parties coming our way. It would be fun to meet someone on the way:) From our camp we se the Thyls mountains very well.“

So the resting time did them good and they are cruising at a very good speed. Seems like the news about better conditions ahead were right. And the weather is also treating them well.

171bb00b-7579-403c-8fad-9124d5f183c81657579172Self portrait by Einar 

“Yesterday [27th of December] was yet another excellent weather day. For the first time during this expedition I wore only my Bergans woollen T shirt under the Rab vapour rise jacket. There was a moment where we decented a good bit and then we had the steepest hill we have had since we were starting our trip. It was about 200m high and it took about an hour to climb it dragging the pulka. The day was one of our best, 26,6 km. Today [28th of December] the weather was cooler but sunny and beautiful. The snow had a sandy feeling, we were constantly going uphill and it was hard dragging the sleds. West to us the Thyl mountains were bathed in the sunshine and we could se how wast this mountain range actually is. Today’s distance was 23,9 km and we are now in 1565 m altitude. We still have 180 km to go to our next cache and 480 all the way to the Pole. It feels nice to see that we have now done 654 km which is considerably more than what is left.“

Best regards

453614c0-5d54-4081-b452-d96560355898-161719992Hugh and the Thiel mountains in the distance

Seems like all going well and the team is optimistic and happy about the progress they have made so far.

Camp 30 at 85°19’023 S 80°56’303 W (end of 26th of December)
Camp 31 at 85°33’295 S 81°03’508 W  (end of 27th of December)
Camp 32 at 85°46’138 S 81°07’268 W (end of 28th of December)

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