Hard pulling and cold weather

The latest message from Einar just came in:

“Yesterday [16th of January] we had another day with very little visibility, very cloudy and some few snow grains falling. Temperatures from -19 to -21°C which is quite mild seen where we are.  Pulling the sled was very hard but with the 8 active hours we covered the necessary distance to keep plan, 23,5 km.

This morning [17th of January] the temperature was -23 but when we started skiing it started clearing up and the temperature dropped significantly.  All our ski masks froze more than usual and we felt on our hands during breaks, how cold it was. When we camped it was  -30°C and about 10 knots wind. Today’s skiing conditions where terrible and it was like pulling a sled in sugar. No gliding at all.  We still managed to cover 22,3.km but this was one of the hardest day of the expedition.

With only two days and 47 km to go we are all looking very much forward to the arrival to the South Pole and of course fantasising about food and drinks.

Best regards

Camp 50 at 89°23’855 S 74°29’561 W (end of 16th of January)
Camp 51 at 89°35’805 S 73°13’513 W (end of 17th of January)

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